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Place can be selected from the database. Predefined native data can be loaded using the button Load. The data also can be saved. Horoscope: Calculates horoscope and displays in south Indian style. By clicking under icon, either Rasi chart NemoSpy is a mobile phone spying software that you can install undetected on any mobile phone allowing you to track its usage.


NemoSpy works simply. You can just install it on the phone and access or keep track of its data usage on an online account that you created for it. Features: - Track and record text messages: SMS, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook - Monitor all calls made and received - Track real time location of the phone - Have access to the entire contacts list - View photos stored At AxSpy, it is free to download and locate a cell phone. Summary: Your eyes are tired of looking into the tablet or cell - phone screen reading ebooks? You have difficulty reading from LCD screen specially in a driving vehicle?

This software is for you! Multi-threaded conversion, means all CPU cores will be used thus multiple times faster conversion.

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Cell server is a project that allows tasks to be remotely queried through the SMS service of one's cell phone. These tasks are then followed out by the software on the user's computer.

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J is an API for communication between a microcontroller and a cell phone using Java ME, Bluetooth and "C" language callback functions, providing a easy way for embed systems developers build a communication between. Type in the phone number and your message. It's simple. A Java or. Net application to enable the use of a PDA ipaq as a bluetooth handsfree set for use in the office, home or car.

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  8. Software to map cell service coverage. Small Java software that permit to send sms to Vodafone Italia cell phones, using an account on the phone company web site. SecureWallet - manage securely your PIM on your cell phone. Software for communicate with the NEC n21i. Chance the phone book, send sms, administrate your phone settings.

    Change your cell phone background, add new pictures for the caller-id's aso.

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    It can be used in simple web agents, page scrapers and spiders. The goal is to embed this in cell phone "midlets.

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    This project is to support the development of a free Cell Phone Sleuth android mobile phone tracker. The software is currently available as a paid version, however this will be to develop separate free platform. You will get a copy of all the messages that she sends or receive. Ans : Call Interception is the ability to listen in to an active phone call on a target mobile phone. When any calls to or from this numbers occur on the target phone, SpyPhone Software will send a secret SMS to your mobile. You can now call the target mobile and listen in to the live call.

    Ans : Send secret SMS to the target phone to control all functions. Ans : You make a spy call to the target phone and listen in to the phones surroundings. This does not allow you to listen to the phone conversation in progress. Please check Call Interception for the Call Tapping feature. The phone with SpyPhone Software on it is the target phone. The phone you make spy calls from is the monitor phone.

    When you call the target phone from the monitor phone, the target phone will answer the call silently, letting you listen to the phones surroundings. If the phone is busy or a key is pressed, the spy call will be disconnected, and the target will be none the wiser. Ans : Cheating is as old is human society. Cheats have existed since ancient days. Now cheating has moved into a new dimension with the latest science and technology. Most affairs directly involve mobile phones, and SpyPhone allows you to listen to phone calls,read SMS and turn the phone on at key times to listen to the phones surroundings like a microphone.

    Ans : If someone is trying to cover their tracks by changing the SIM card in the target phone, the phone number will change and you will not know what number to call to make a spy call too. Now you will know the new number and can continue to make spy calls. We adopt ethical business policies and transparent dealings in our business.

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    What makes the act even more serious is that in this case the alleged tapping of phones was said to have been done by a private company. Considering that the tapping under question is said to have started some 16 years back, technology has changed quite a bit since then. From private detectives to computer hackers, many in the open market now claim to offer surveillance services ranging from tapping phones to even WhatsApp conversations. These services are sold on the pretext of helping parents keep a tab on their children.

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    In , a private detective and a software developer were sent to jail in Bengaluru for spying on hundreds of people around the city by installing a software on their phones. These phones were then relaying personal information as well as calls and messages back to their servers. According to a report in the Hindu , their clients were largely businesses involved in rivalry with other firms or people with domestic disputes. A report in the Mint detailed various ways in which similar software were allegedly used by the Delhi Police in to intercept messages sent through WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger on 70 phones.

    These phones were put under surveillance as part of an investigation into the spot-fixing scandal in the Indian Premier League. While software like these have been around for years now, the proliferation of smartphones has made it even easier.

    A report in the Times of India said that many new devices have appeared on the horizon which make spying on phone calls even easier and manage to keep the telecom companies out of the loop.