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It is good to keep your internet secure and very stable during the process. And in fact, ensure your phone is rooted. You have to enable unknown sources so that your android phone will allow the installation of the mSpy tracker. Access the bt. Accept the license agreement, activate updates, hide your icon, key in the registration code sent to you, go back to your online account, enter the name and phone number of your target phone, and click finish to start using your mSpy.

Protecting your child is as easy as those steps. When it comes to the iPhone, the process may change a bit but finally, you will end up using your app effectively to protect your child. Las cookies utilizadas para el funcionamiento esencial de este sitio ya se han establecido. The Luxonomist. Many children have been destroyed over the internet On the Flipside! There are bullies and stalkers over the internet Buying the package By logging into the mSpy official website, you can easily get the various options you have.

In this step, you have three sub-steps: Selecting your package — it comes in 3 packages; Basic, Premium, and Bundle Kit. Jailbreaking is a process on iOS devices. Jailbreaking allows root access meaning the users can install applications not part of the official app store. Rooting is a process by which users of the Android operating system can gain control to the Android subsystem.

This is a necessary procedure users want to gain access and control to the non-default apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. Though the software is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the restrictions are there which you have to overcome to make it accessible to your device.

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In iOS devices, the software does not work until it is jailbroken. But how to go without it? Below are the points that will make you install this monitoring software without being jailbroken. The first step is the selection of the package which you want to enable on your device. You will be flown into a world of thrilling and the exciting packages from where you want to dive deeper and deeper to have the best of it. After you have completed the step of choosing the package, then you have to do the payment for it which can be done through various payment methods.

Click on Submit Order and your second step is completed. The next you have to do is to provide an E-mail Id to it and then providing a secure Username and Password in order to access your account. Once you have provided a unique E-mail Id, click on Confirmation E-mail option and then you will be set afloat the terms and procedure of it which on accepting presents a link to download the Software. The software will now ask you to enable the Unknown sources so that the device could easily accept MSPY even though it has not been downloaded from the Play Store.

The Unknown Sources can be easily enabled by switching to the Setting option which in turn opens a dialogue box where on scrolling down through the Device Administration you can easily enable the sources. When you are accessible to this apk file, you have to follow these simple steps for the installation process.

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After clicking on the install button, you will be put one step forward in your journey. The license agreement page will open where on clicking on Continue and then Accept button you will be one step pulled ahead. An Update Service screen will again appear before you, and you have to tap on Activate button. Another message will appear before you which will ask whether you want to hide the icon or not. Choose any one of the options and then click on the Continue button. You will be finished by downloading the software on your device.

The package selection is the same as we do in case of Android, but for downloading the software, your device must be jailbroken without which you will not be able to enjoy its Prodigious features. Response from the customer support team is very fast and respectful. There are so many ways to contact the customer support team, Like — email, Phone, and Live Chat. I must say few of the manufacturer provides live chat support to its customer and this mobile tracker is one of them.

The operators are always available to answer your queries every time you visit the website. Well, mSpy is categorized into main packages which are Basic and mSpy Premium. In the basic package includes almost all the features which you can use on a daily basis from call logs to GPRS tracking. But in mSpy premium, you can use more advanced feature to keep your family safe.

Even if you are not satisfied with the premium package, you can go with the family kit which allows you to monitor three devices at a time. I must say go for the long-term plan to save your money. After the payment is processed, here are a few things follow:. As already mentioned in the mSpy compatibility section, there is only one situation where you do not need physical access to the target device to install mSpy.

How do You install mSpy on the Android phone of your child

The mSpy application in itself is not illegal. The application has been created as a means for parents to keep their children safe from suspicious online activity or as a means for companies to monitor company-owned devices. However, in the case of misuse by individuals with bad intentions, the mSpy app can cause serious damage. This is where the legal issues of mSpy come into play. As long as the target phone has Internet access, no matter where in the world the target device is, mSpy will function according to its intended programming.

Your target device just needs to either be connected via the mobile Internet or via a Wi-Fi. After finishing the download, install the downloaded package. Now, you will need to restart your device. You will then be prompted to enter the code, insert your mSpy code. After this, you are done. You have successfully connected the target device to the mSpy tracking system and you can now easily monitor the targeted device via the mSpy control panel.


What to do if I encounter a slow problem on my device with the mSpy application? Generally speaking, installing mSpy on a monitored device will not adversely affect the performance of the device. However, if the monitored device is already packed with many services, the impact may occur.

Also, a low-end device may be affected. On relatively high-end devices with a moderate installation of applications, mSpy would not hinder performance. It cannot track a phone only through a phone number or IMEI number. This is because data has to flow from the device being monitored to your control panel. The monitored device should be online via WiFi or mobile data.

There is no exception to this requirement.

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Buying basically requires you to choose your package. Once you buy, you get a confirmation email with the salient details. From the download link, you then download the package on your rooted Android or jailbroken iOS. The package would install as an update. Once this is done, run the monitoring app by clicking on the icon.

You can customize it and your mobile tracker is at your service.

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On non-jailbroken iOS devices, mSpy can be installed through iCloud. The full set of features is limited to jailbroken devices. Apart from the above difference, mSpy has no functional difference between iOS or Android.

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The usage is rather self-explanatory after clicking on the mSpy icon in the tracked phone. Yes, keep yourself updated on the latest mSpy review. Michael Frost was such a great help, he is a wonderful helper and was very nice and polite. He provided excellent customer service.

Overview Reviews About. Write a review. Filter by:. Good Customer Service - Jan Thanks Jan for taking the time to explain the features of the product and for helping mt optimize it's use. Ben Ganz Ben Ganz, thanks a lot for your quick, professional, valauble help!

Mike Hoover is an absolute Mike Hoover is an absolute professional! Awesome service and willing to help Awesome service and willing to help thank you Michael frost.

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Reply from mSpy. Dear Customer, We regret to hear about your experience. Please, provide more information about your problem and your customer information so we can identify your account in our system. Thank you, mSpy Team. I was experiencing some difficulties… I was experiencing some difficulties with the app because I did not install it properly. Please Please I beg all of you to never… Please Please I beg all of you to never ever buy this product. Dear Customer, We appreciate your feedback and will do our best to assist you as soon as possible. Micheal Frost is the best customer… Micheal Frost is the best customer assistant.

Micheal Frost is the best customer rep… Micheal Frost is the best customer rep ever! Michael Frost was literally life savior Michael Frost was literally a life saver in assisting me utilizing mspy. Excellent customer service Thank you James Bass you was so helpful, she finds answers and solutions very quickly, mspy is great application, I will recommend this app to everyone!! It's a great helping way It's a great helping way.